10 Roasts That Will Have You ROFL

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    As the generation of millennials, we tend to have an opinion about everything; the Roast app gives us the platform to share those opinions in a witty and humorous fashion. With new, relatable topics to roast every day, you will surely never get bored.

    Check out these Roasts that are totally relatable and hilarious:

    1. Who hasn’t shoved their new relationship in their ex’ face like Mr. “Sailorman” here?


    2. Yeah, PDA eventually leads to “2 flowers touching”, which leads to overpopulation, and that means more people to continue this cycle. It’s a problem.


    3. Don’t be fooled by your exes’ ladies. Mr. “Sailorman” knows what he’s talking about.


    4. Like Ned, Samsung, Catelyn, Apple, Robb… *cries*


    5. I think we can all agree that we learnt this one thing, if nothing else.
    6. Is it just me, or does nobody know what that line even means?
    7. Its subtle jokes like these that make us smile in that special way.
    8. Even farts come and go, why is Flash so special?
    9. It’s the one and only rule guys. Take note.
    10. We can all learn something from him, but maybe a little more information will help better.


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