6 Reasons You Need To Get The Roast App Right Away!

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    There is a new app in the entertainment market, and I know what you’re thinking ”Ah another one of those stupid apps that just eat up your phone memory and are pretty useless”.

    But NO! Here are 6 reasons why the Roast app is unlike any other app and you should get it right NOW.

    1. It won’t take a lot of space in your phone.

    Yeah. So there’s no harm in just downloading it once and giving it a try. Is there?
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    2. No photos or videos (as yet)

    This doesn’t really sound like a plus point, but think of it: No more waiting streaming or loading. Short one-liners, witty come-backs, shortest stories are anyway the rage now.
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    3. The best of every social media

    Trending hash tags like Twitter. Social networking and linkability like Facebook. Anonymity like Tumblr. Likes and popularity like Instagram. Platform to express yourself, talk fiction or fact, like blogs.
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    4. Topics that are food for thought

    There are topics that you have always thought of but never talked about. There are topics that you could’be thought of but never really did. And then there are topics that you couldn’t have even imagined!
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    5. Being a passive user is also cool

    It’s okay if in the first few days, your mind cannot think up quirky things to write. You can just keep scrolling through the never-ending collection of Roasts and exercise your brain.
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    6. The world is competitive

    No matter how many followers or likes you have, you are never ranked IN the app itself. Here, you are! And there’s no monopoly. Topic expires, your position expires. You’ve to be consistent.
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    This has got to be the best part. Roast your friends. Roast your friends’ Roasts. Just say whatever you wanna say!
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    To know more about the app, watch this video.

    Get the app on Google Play.
    Bet, you’ll love it.