11 Reasons Sunny Leone Deserves As Much Respect As Any Other Bollywood Celeb

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    India is the land, which gave the world Kama Sutra. In spite of this, sex has always been a subject, which is frowned upon. When Sunny Leone, an established adult movie star, first set her foot in India, there were mixed reactions from people. I think Sunny Leone should be respected like any other actress in the industry regardless of her past. Here are the reasons why:

    1. Sunny Leone is a talented and hard-working woman, who knows her cards well.

    One thing, which nobody can deny about Sunny, is that she is really hard working. Remember, the time when she learnt poll dancing in Bigg Boss and impressed everyone with her sultry performance. A director was so charmed by her, that he especially came to the Bigg Boss house and signed her for a movie. She learnt how to dance, sing and be a quintessential Bollywood actress. And the rest is history.


    2. She is bold and unashamed of her past.

    Sunny has never hid in a veil and pretended to be oblivious of her past. Whenever she has been quizzed about her past, she has always been confident and outspoken about everything. “Porn stars are not prostitutes”, she said in an interview.


    3. She is a one-man woman.

    Yes, you read that right. Sunny Leone is married to Daniel Weber, who happens to be her best friend as well. They are not a conventional couple but their love story, is as beautiful as any other couple. Apart from being life partners, they are business partners as well. Sunny consults Weber, before signing any movie and he loves spoiling her by making her delicious recipes. Isn’t that so cute?


    4. Sunny is excellent at what she does.

    Sunny has excelled in every field, she has ventured into. She has received oodles of awards for her contribution to the adult movie industry. Now that she is in India, she has effortlessly made a mark in Bollywood. She is consistently seen in different movies and her songs are always a chartbuster. The fact that she is getting one gig after other proves the point, that the audience likes her.


    5. She is queer about her sexuality.

    Sunny discovered her bisexuality at the age of 18. But, she insists on the fact that she prefers men. She came out of the closet even though she hailed from a conservative background. This shows that she is headstrong and ready to challenge the conventions.


    6. Sunny is a Sikh, and is still connected with her spiritual side.

    “Girls will leave the industry claiming that they found God. Well, the fact is, God has always been with them the entire time.”  Sunny said in an interview. The fact that she makes adult films has not meddled with her religious believes.


    7. She is a sensitive as she refused to shoot an item song in the presence of children on the set

    Sunny is conscious of what she does. She knows that some of her stuff is only meant for a certain audience. In a bold move, she refused to shoot for the item song Pink Lips, because there were a few children on the set. She also released a public service announcement on behalf of the ASACP, reminding adult webmasters to protect their sites from children by having an RTA label on it. This shows that Sunny is a delicate woman, who is compassionate about children.


    8. Sunny is naturally beautiful and works out diligently to stay fit.

    “I try to eat very healthy – lots of vegetables, drinking my milk every day.” replied Sunny, when asked about her fitness secret. The fact that a lot of people really admire Sunny is just because she is gorgeous. She has loads of picture on her Instagram account sans makeup, and she looks ravishing even without makeup.


    9. Sunny is a multitasker and has a multifaceted career.

    Sunny has never stopped experimenting with her career. She is an actress, a businesswoman, a producer and even a host. She has even done television commercials for different brands. Her hosting gig for MTV Splitsvilla was a huge success.


    10. Sunny Leone is a philanthropist and has extended support to different organization.

    Sunny has campaigned for PETA to stop violence against animals. She donated for ALS, through the Ice Bucket Challenge. Sunny also raised money for the American Cancer Society.


    11. Sunny has exceptionally outstanding entrepreneurial skills.

    She is the owner of Sun Lust Pictures, an adult film studio with her husband. She    wants to open her own line of lingerie and diamonds. She is now thinking of venturing the field of production.


    Sunny is, therefore, a strong woman who is working hard to be successful in a patriarchal society. The least we can do is support and respect her.