14 Posters That Will Give A Glimpse Of Unescapable Bollywood Times

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    Do you recollect the days when televisions seldom had remote controls, and phones were not so smart? That’s when Bollywood really ushered you with awesomeness.

    So you remember Indian Cinema of the 90s too? Of course you do! It’s the kind that is etched in your memories even though you don’t recall it often. Run or hide from those epic songs, but you never escape them.

    Take a trip down the memory lane. For here’s a glimpse of the grandeur that Bollywood showed you in the last two decades, that you tend to forget but simply can’t ignore.

    1. Choo Choo. This one is in memory of Madhuri Dixit, who was one of the few dancers who could pull of something so lewd (lahenga uthaake chaloon, ghoonghat giraake chaloon.. please!) and make it so sexy.2choli-ke-peeche

    2. This was one of your college farewell anthems too?Aamir-Khan_500x500

    3. This started off as a song and grew into full on tapori pick up line. Don’t forget that matchstick move!

    4. This became famous for it’s beer mug brandishing hero and flouncy red dress wearing heroine.

    5. Dhinadhin Dhaaaaaaa-aaand he confused the little ones with counting so bad!anilkapoor_final1

    6. Shah Rukh Khan played the role of the anti – hero. But you totally loved him! Didn’t you, ladies?Baazigar

    7. Hrithik Roshan’s “wriggle wriggle wriggle” skills were the most on-point. He created a wave in the industry with this number.ek pal ka jeena

    8. Mohini, Mohini.
    All thebriliant dancing! fabulous expressions! The perfect dancing diva made this song a huge hit.Ekdoteen

    9. And we never forgot to ask about shoes at weddings after this.

    10. Do you remember the epicness of our very own superhero (well, almost) romancing this beauty?Mr-india-kaante

    11. He ruled the 90s with a spate of comedies, showing off a natural comic timing that catapults him right up there with the best of them.Rajababu

    12. If you were a young man in the 90s, you will remember the wicked thrill each time this song aired on television. It was like winning a lottery, a 5 minute 50 second joyride for your hormones.Tiptip_Barsa

    13. We’re sure you remember the B-Tex lyrics for this song better. Tried that with the local chemist?Tirchitopiwale

    14. You simply can’t forget the title track of this Ram Gopal Varma classic. And those moves which the 90s generation has been emulating for years!urmila-Copy

    Curated and created by Abhishek Saxena, Mehak Mahajan and Shagun Puri