5 Films That Prove BigB Is Greater Than Rajinikanth

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    Rajinikanth is great, no doubt. But it is BigB’s birthday today, so we are going to love him more :D If an actor stars in the remake of a movie, it doesn’t mean that he is copying the actors of the original film. But just for fun, let us think it that way for the time-being :P Fact is, Rajnikant has been in ELEVEN remakes of Amitabh Bachchan’s movies.

    Here, only 5 and the most famous are being given. And even though it is ultra-famous, the last one will blow your mind!

    1. Namak Halaal → Velaikaran

    This official remake didn’t fare as well as its original counterpart, but received a lot of appreciation.

    Namak Halal Amitabh Bachchan
    Source: koimoi.com

    2. Laawaris → Panakkaran

    Panakkaran was a huge hit at the box office. Audience and critics highly appreciated Rajinikanth’s performance here.

    Source: Indian Express
    Source: Indian Express

    3. Amar Akbar Anthony → Ram Robert Rahim

    This film was one of the most accurate remakes of all. And grossed really well.

    amitabh amar akbar anthony
    Source: itimes

    4. Don → Billa

    Don has been remade in Hindi 5 times already, out of which 2 belong to the Don Series (Yes, SRK), and 1 had Rekha in lead (Madam X), 2 others flopped. Rajinikanth gained huge fame from Billa. He gained fame from a remake of Amitabh’s movie. Hehe.

    amitabh don
    Source: bollywoodlife.com

    Rajini’s performance and capability to deliver super hits at the box office have kept him at par with BigB till now, but wait for the last one.

    5. Sholay

    This is one movie that even Rajini didn’t dare to touch, but Amitabh did. RGV’s Aag is a remake of Sholay. It didn’t fare well and was a bad idea, BigB later said. But hey hey! We have someone more daring and courageous than Rajini :P

    Source: indiaopines.ocm
    Source: indiaopines.ocm

    At the end of the day, Rajini and BigB are great friends, and are super duper awesome stars in their own genres.
    Here’s wishing to Mr. Amitabh Bachchan a WONDERFUL 73rd BIRTHDAY!
    Rishte mein you will always be everyone’s baap, dear Shahenshah :D

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