10 Signals Made By Umpires On The Cricket Field Will Have You ROFL

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    Cricket is such a phunny game.
    I always believed that the job of an umpire whilst a cricket match is to make sure the game is running smoothly, deciding whether the batsman is out or not and judging every delivery of the bowler.

    Now I know there’s more to an umpire’s job.

    1. Thats referee Billy Bowden showing Red Card to McGrath for Over Appealing !

    cricket umpire

    2. Billy Bowden showcasing Martial Art Talent…Kung fu hustle The billy style

    umpire signal funny

    3. That’s Aleem Dar Taking Selfie with CLarke & Dharmasena wondering “What the Hell is happening out here ? :P

    umpire selfie cricket

    4. Daryl Harper : That’s A Wide
    Swann: Ohh C’mon,….That’s gotta be A Six ;)

    umpire out and six

    5. Now You better go and play with your folks now ! You aint Gona get your bone here.

    umpire cricket dog

    6. When the batting team’s total was a Nelson(111,222,333,444,etc) , David Shepherd hopped with his right leg up. I miss this man. RIP, Dave!

    umpire cricket lol

    7. Mate this is India not Australia, its 40 odd degrees. Use an itch-guard

    itch guard umpire cricket

    8. Kumar Dharmasena’s latest photo-shoot.

    cricket field umpire

    9. A new way to relax.

    relax umpire cricket

    10. Steve Bucknor doing Bhangra!!

    bhangra umpire cricket
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