Sidhu Paaji Is The Unmatched Bakchod And This Video Proves That. Literally!

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    Navjot Singh Sidhu is a face, and voice, and style of speaking that we all know of. Be it in IPL Extra Innings or the Comedy Nights with Kapil show, sometimes he makes you laugh, sometimes you feel like taping his mouth. He literally chodifies with his bakbak!! And we would have never imagined that there can be someone who can give him a competition in ‘speaking in sher-o-shayari’. But here we have- MUNNI BAI!

    This video shows one heck of a “Who Bores More” Championship, and the competition is really tough. Watch it till the end. The result might surprise you :P

    PS- Do NOT miss the reactions of Shoaib Akhtar and Sunil Gavaskar. That’s the best part, actually!