10 Ways How To Prepare Yourself For Game Of Thrones Season 5

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    Throners of the world, rejoice! For winter might not be coming but Season 5 of Game of Thrones most definitely is.

    1. Watch seasons 1-4 again

    There’s no such thing as ‘watching an episode too many times’. Refresh your memory for season 5. One can never be too prepared when it comes to Game of Thrones.


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    2. Walk around with a wine goblet

    Do those gold-plated, long-stemmed wine glasses from King’s Landing make you drool? Don’t worry, all you need to do is borrow one wine goblet from your mom’s collection, pour some Rooh-afza (No underage drinking, kids!) in it and walk around the house doing your best Tyrion Lannister impression.

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    3. Get some Westeros style

    Sorry, boys, this one’s for the girls, unless you have a flowing mane of braid-ready hair (in which case, welcome aboard!). Whether it be the Mother of Dragons or the brave women of Winterfell, ladies of Westeros sure know how to keep their hair game on point. Make YouTube your buddy and get braiding!


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    4. Make ‘Hodor’ your go-to word

    Parents asking you when you’re going to start studying for your exams? Hodor.

    Teacher inquiring when you’ll submit your project? Hodor.

    Friends wondering if you’ll ever stop with your GoT madness? HODOR!


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    5. Host a cosplay party

    If you have friends who not only understand your obsession with Game of Thrones but are equally obsessed, invite them over and spend the day discussing your favourite episodes, making predictions about season 5 and deciding whose costume is the best (yours, duh!).


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    6. Stock up on tissues

    Let’s face it, one or more of your favourite characters will die in season 5. We don’t like it, but that’s just the way George R. R. Martin and HBO work. Prepare yourself beforehand and keep some tissues handy.

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    7. All men must DIY

    Fret not if you can’t find any good merchandise to buy, you can always make some on your own. Check out these links for some inspiration:

    Link 1

    Link 2

    8. Catch up on fan theories

    Bond with Throners all over the globe by reading up on existing fan theories and possibly coming up with some of your own. You might just find an Easter egg hidden somewhere.


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    9. Game of Words

    Add a fun twist to the traditional game of scrabble by using words from the GoT universe only. Break some rules and add pronouns to the mix, because YOLO, I mean, valar morghulis!


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    10. Learn ‘dancing’

    So what if you don’t have a dancing master from Braavos? You have the internet at your service. Get onto YouTube and learn how to wield a sword (safety tip: use a cardboard sword, please!) properly. Make Arya Stark and her Needle proud!


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    Are you ready for Season 5?


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