Most Ridiculous Television Plot Twists That Will Force You To Commit Sucide

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    People watch TV for entertainment, maybe escapism, or for simply killing time when they have nothing better to do. The experience may sometimes be cathartic, but most of the shows today carry the weirdest plot twists ever, with Rakhi Sawant probably making more sense than them. Filled With nonsensical elements that’ll tempt you to bang your head on the wall, they have it all.

    Read at your own risk. And next time if you’re free, think about post modernism or any other pseudo-intellectual stuff. Just don’t switch the TV to these.

    1. Sasural Simar Ka

    This show tops the list with the most crazy and hilarious plot twists ever.

    It follows the story of two sisters- Simar and Roli who get married in the same household and the trials and tribulations they face. The creepy horror shows that we already have, clearly weren’t enough so I guess the producers decided to take this show a step ahead with a ghost trying to possess to Simar to ‘look after’ her family. If that wasn’t weird enough, characters repeatedly die and come back to life after oh so surprisingly losing their memory. The temporary bouts of amnesia usually last until the entry of a new vamp, [they are particularly fast with a new vamp every two weeks], and a tragic shootout scene where another character dies. Again.


    The family members are dumb enough to believe fake pregnancies and don’t really do much except watch from the background while the two sisters bat out against the vamp [currently an ichhadhari naagin called Maya, who seeks revenge from the grief stricken sisters]. One almost feels sorry for them while they can’t seem to catch a break and actually go through a single episode without some shit going on.

    2. Diya aur Bati Hum

    Although one of the most popular show on TV, it had its fair share of facepalm moments. One the lamest ones was the plane hijack track. Maya, a captured terrorist- Rajkumar’s sister, hijacks a plane along with her peers to blackmail the government into releasing him. How does she do this? She threatens Sandhya, the protagonist, to release Rajkumar or she will kill all passengers, including her husband and mother-in-law.


    If this wasn’t drama enough, the hijack goes on for days which is actually ridiculous considering its just standing in one place without any resources. Moreover, one particular officer- Zakir, actually wears a mask which makes him look like Rajkumar and suddenly shortens his height to Rajkumar’s level and changes his voice too.

    Quite advanced technology I must say.

    3. Saath Nibhana Saathiya

    Now this show is actually one of a kind. Considering it was the show with the highest TRPs for a while, I really wonder about the audiences’ sanity. I have yet to come across with such a dumb set of characters with literally no common sense or work except engaging in house politics. The family is loaded but strangely, no one ever goes to work. The only indication that they work is when they’re trying to find that precious misplaced file which is supposedly so important, that it will result in the protagonist Gopi being thrown out of the house she is unable to find it. This is not even the half of it.


    The track which takes the cake, is the one where Radha, [Gopi’s sister and the antagonist] fakes a pregnancy with Gopi’s brother-in-law as the father. It gets ridiculous when she wakes up in the middle of night and starts dancing to some weird music claiming her baby needs to see the Modi family dance. So instead of telling her to shut up, the poor unsuspecting, yet extremely dim witted Gopi starts dancing to ‘baby doll’ much to Radha’s amusement. Can’t really blame her though. Currently Gopi has just been released from the jail after ten years for murdering Radha while her family cheered. Not literally of course. Don’t take me that seriously.

    4. Ye Hain Mohabbatein

    This particular show’s lead couple are an obnoxious bunch, who have had their fair share of antics. They clearly love each other, but since they are too stupid to admit it, every episode is the same with petty fighting which more annoying than endearing.
    The guy, Raman when gets the chance to sneak to Singapore with an awesome job on the way, takes it up quickly [who wouldn’t?] and is chased by his wife to the airport when she finds out and is trapped within a circle of other passengers who clearly have nothing better to do while his wife tries to beat him up. I actually feel sorry for the guy now.

    5. Uttaran

    I’m really not sure in what category to put this show in. Containing elements from almost every genre and enough plot twists to even put Sasural Simar Ka to shame, this show is another level and a marvel in itself. Kudos to anyone who can actually keep a track of the story here.


    Having enough characters and humshakals to make three serials, the amount of drama here, is almost overwhelming. They literally went one step ahead with making Meethi, the protagonist leave the house and her husband, since she can’t produce an heir [it amazes me how sick this actually is], and making her land up across the border in Pakistan and start living in a Pakistani household where another guys falls in love with her. It’s too tiring to even go into the infinite sidetracks this show actually has.

    I’ll stop here. Phew. Somebody get me some aspirin.


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