14 Hilarious Truck Signs Spotted On Indian Roads

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    This hilarious compilation of truck signs show you how Indians are truly born with the funniest bone.

    Truck drivers know how exhausting sitting in traffic can be, so they tried to be funny and give the drivers around them something to laugh about.
    These are without any doubt some of the funniest truck signs you’ll ever have the chance to spot on the road designed by We Are Holidays.

    1. Only if falling in love was that simple. Sigh!truck 1


    2. That’s a good idea to promote family planning.truck 2

    3. This dude’s got some nerve!truck 3

    4. We so wish petrol wasn’t such a prized possession!truck 4

    5. How about, if we humbly request you to let us pass?truck 5

    6. Yes, we are convinced.truck 6


    7.  This one’s philosophical…truck 7


    8. The absolute fix for evil eye protection, is it?truck 8

    9. That’s one cute, ambitious truck.truck 9

    10. Chill it dude! We are not the green, mean kinds.truck 10

    11. Some healthy sarcasm, is it?truck 11

    12. Would you still like some speeding?truck 12

    13. Ha, pun intented!truck 13

    14. Yet another one for some evil eye protection.truck 14

    Indian roads are by far the most interesting.
    If you ever had up to the north, you’ll discover that the men who work in project Himank have put up some really hilarious, really deep road signs<