6 Types Of Beggars Around Us

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    You feel pity on the beggars everywhere? Or are you already aware of how the begging industry runs? So you say you are smart because you know the truth. I say, no my boy, you really don’t realize how many sophiscated beggars loot you in how many ways. We might term some of them as corruption, but I see them as ‘begging’.

    To be clear, here I am referring begging as ‘asking for something you don’t deserve, something you don’t earn’.

    1. General beggars

    Know that, these are the best form of beggars. They beg on face, and the decision rests on you, whether you give alms or not.


    2. Pampered kids with unnecessary demand

    If you earn that watch by securing the target marks set by your parents, that’s absolutely fine. But if your mom dad gift you great things, like bike, phone, or simply a new toy, just because you are their loving child, then dear people, you don’t deserve it.



    3. Shopkeepers selling itmes at prices higher than MRP

    At railway stations, highways, Connaught Place, you pay 40 bucks for a Rs.35 bottle of cold-drinks. The shopekeepers ask you for more money than they are entitled to, and you have no authorities nearvy to help you out.



    4. Bribe-takers. And givers

    Talking of authorities, a very popular thing strikes our mind: bribe. Bribe is a two-way beggary. The person who gives bribe, does it because he cannot get the job done on his own capability. And the one who accepts bribe, well, we all know.



    5. Auto-walas

    Not all, but those who charge more than the standard prices, especially at night time, especially from female customers. And we have no choice than to somehow reach home, even if by paying higher rent.



    6. Politicians

    My personal favourites (sarcasm intended). Their demands: vote, support —> power, money. They would deserve everything, only they worked accordingly, or fulfilled their promises. The most dangerous form of beggars. Please beware.


    No matter how many monsters are around us ready to jump at our money and property, at the end of the day, it is only our alertness and awareness that can save us. And we can do it.