If A Bollywood Movie Was Made On Narendra Modi, Opening Scene Had To Be This

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    1. Opening Scene 1

    (Rastrapti Bhavan Compound)
    All gathered for swearing- in ceremony of newly elected MPs.

    (Camera point focused at podium)
    There are two mike kiosks side by side.

    President starts speaking:-
    I sware on my religion, I….
    (Camera shifts its view to next podium)

    Narendra modi:- I…

    (In his dreams now)

    A train stops at a small station, a gentleman steps out from the train and see’s a small tea stall and walks over there.
    He asked a little boy for a cup of tea and that boy is dressed in khaki half pants and white shirt, gives that gentleman a hot tea.
    (After first sip that gentleman):-

    Wahh.. Chaa to bau saras banavi che ne, shu naam che taru?
    (English: You made exceptional tea, what is your name?)

    That boy replies:- Hu Narendra.
    (English: I Narendra.)


    2. Opening Scene 2

    Camera flashes all around in the midst of a press conference after the mayhem of Gujrat Riots. On the chairs at the centre are Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee and that time Gujarat Chief Minister Mr Narendra Modi.

    Mr. Vajpayee looks at the media and says,
    “Ek Chief Minister ke liye mera ek hi sandesh hai ki wo Raj Dharam ka palan karein”
    (English: I have only one message for a Chief Minister that he should adhere to Raj Dharam)

    While listening to Vajpayee Ji, suddenly Mr. Modi wakes up out of this day dream when he is called on the stage to take the oath as Prime Minister of India.

    He looks right in the eyes of people and says “Main, Narendra Damodar Das Modi….”


    3. Opening Scene 3

    Touching the ground of parliament with his forehead as a token of his gesture to serve the people of India and Mathru Bhoomi.


    4. Opening Scene 4

    His famous speech at the Madison Square Gardens, when he says…Bhaarat Maata Ki and the 20000 strong Indian diaspora goes wild…shouting Jai.
    And then the flashback.


    The scenes have been picked from Quora thread