Zombie Subway Stunt Is Possibly The Most Terrifying Prank Ever Pulled

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    April fools’ day just got over and all of you must have celebrated it by fooling your friends and relatives and strangers. It’s like Holi: ‘Bura na maano aaj jhoot bolna legal hai’.

    But when does a prank not remain a prank anymore? You should always be careful while playing scary pranks on weak-hearted people. In this video, a lot of preparation and resources went into pulling off this great zombie act at such a huge scale. Some might have even laughed after the revelation of the truth, but towards the end you will see that may be it wasn’t funny for everyone.

    Watch this video not to merely see the execution and outcome of a well-planned prank, but to learn to not be scared of zombies. They don’t exist. And if someone tries to scare you, start hitting them. Let the prank be on them :P