Rahul Gandhi Changed The Face Of Congress. Yes He Did. Lol

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    You know what the world has come to when you get to hear a fictional story on Rahul Gandhi.

    Mom: “I really pity this kid. He doesn’t seem a bit interested in politics and his mother has forcefully roped him in. He would have led such a happy life in Italy. Everyone says he had disappeared to Bangkok, but I think he must have gone to Italy. All his girlfriends are there. His mother isn’t allowing him to marry an Italian, because that will be harmful for the party image. Poor little kid. Tch tch”

    And you are gaping at your mom, thinking ‘Rahul Gandhi should really bury himself now’ :P


    Mr. Gandhi is on some publicity-gaining mode now, and is doing crazy things. The latest being visiting farmers and doing kilometers of padyatra.


    No wait, the latest are his comments (read, taunts) on Mr. Modi for his ‘rich-oriented policies’, and ignorance towards farmers. Gandhi faced this revelation of what is happening to farm produce, and what the government is doing. Leh. Good morning! -_-


    As we all know, Rahul has been the source of good health for quite some time (laughter is the best medicine, remember?). Here are a few, to refresh your memory.




    What he is doing now, and why he is doing that, is beyond comprehension of any average human mind. I only wonder, the money that went into arranging for these trips of his to Kedarnath, and farmers, and wherever, couldn’t that have been used for ACTUALLY benefiting the farmers?

    And where was he when Congress was in power? Didn’t he get the idea to dig out problems like now, and solve them?

    Guess he was busy watching Chhota Bheem on Pogo in his cradle :P