9 Hilarious Rahul And Arnab Interview Memes Will Kill You With Laughter

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    Let’s go back in time – the good old days filled with joy and laughter. Just a month before general elections in 2014, remember Rahul Gandhi facing Arnab Goswami in the interview where he said only a couple words – Empowerment, empowerment and empowerment. Here’s the complete coverage via (Rahul & Arnab Interview) memes that will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

    Live: Rahul Vs. Arnab

    Rahul And Arnab Interview

    Rahul And Arnab Interview 1

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    rahul vs arnab

    arnab and rahul gandhi

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    rahul with arnab

    rahul and arnab goswami interview memes

    rahul gandhi memes with arnab goswami
    And Sheldon Cooper is on a special tour meeting India’s top celebs from across various genres – Cricket, Media, Movies, Spiritual leaders and Politicians. And when he meets Arnab Goswami, this happens! Hilarious Comic Strips Tell What Happens When Sheldon Cooper Meets Indian Celebs. Get lol-ing. :D