7 Signs That Prove You’re A Lazy Bum

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    Admit it! At some point of time in life, we all have been lazy bums. People who are capable enough and willing to move out of that stage, do it, effortlessly. But for those who are born with a lazy ass, it is a lifestyle they live with. For them to do anything but laze around is as good as working out in the gym on a legs days, so you know what a big deal it is?

    Listed below are signs of a complete couch potato:

    1. Can’t reach it, don’t need it

    If the remote is placed beyond your reach, be it a few metres away, you’d drop the plan of watching television and wait for some help. If that doesn’t work for you, you prefer doing something else that lies in the area you can reach.
    can't reach it, don't need it


    2. Sleep obsessed

    You love to sleep. You can sleep anywhere, everywhere. Your relationship with your bed is above all other rishtey naate of yours.
    sleep obsessed


    3. Only if shower wasn’t a compulsion

    Taking a shower everyday is like the most annoying thing to do. It takes up so much energy and time. You could probably watch a 20 minute episodic in that time.
    only if shower wasn't a compulsion


    4. Tik Tok

    You are never on time, like literally. Because to carry out any given activity, you need to move that ass, and that is something you’re dyslexic at, you tend to keep people waiting.
    tik tok


    5. Traitor

    Even worse scenario is when you cancel the plan. Since it is really difficult for you to get going with any work, you feel too lethargic anyway to get up and ready yourself for any given event. The easiest way out is to cancel the plan in the first place.
    giphy (1)


    6. Last Moment ish

    Because of your lazy nature, you tend to delay all your jobs, which ultimately makes it a last moment project. And yet there’s no guarantee that the work would finish within the given deadlines.
    last moment ish


    7. Messed up

    You have a messed up room like 11 months in a year. While you feel lazy to even shower, cleaning your room is as good as running a marathon.
    messed up