8 Of The Guinness World Records Made By Indians Will Make You Proud

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    From shortest women to longest turban and largest biryani to biggest chapatti……..
    We Indians have made many Guinness world records.

    These will swell your chest with pride.

    1. Fastest Typing By Nose

    Fastest Typing by Nose

    2. Highest Number of Selfies Clicked Together

    Highest Number of Selfies Clicked Together

    3. Longest Solo Dance Marathon

    Longest Solo Dance Marathon

    4. World’s Biggest Chapati

    World’s Biggest Chapati

    5. World’s Longest Moustache

    World’s Longest Moustache

    6. World’s Longest Turban

    World’s Longest Turban

    7. World’s Shortest Cow

    World’s Shortest Cow

    8. World’s Shortest Women

    World’s Shortest Women
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