9 Witty Riddles To Wake Up Your Brain Cells

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    Are you ready to give your brain a hearty workout? These clever brain teasers & witty riddles will require mental acuity, lateral thinking, and… a generous sense of humor! ;)

    1. Ummmmm..

    riddle death

    2. I know this one.

    riddle english

    3. Hawwwt!

    riddle girl

    4. Is it A?

    riddle letters

    5. Ummmmm..

    riddle numbers

    6. I guess…

    riddle shape

    7. My HEAD!

    riddle waters

    8. ….Ummmm…..

    riddle words

    9. Call Dominos?

    riddles children
    Time for the answers:
    1. Ahead
    2. Incorrectly
    3. Sweets.. What else.. :P
    4. D – each letter represents one note in the diatonic musical scale: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do
    5. Once. After that, you’d be subtracting from 48.
    6. A jigsaw puzzle piece (how appropriate!)
    7. A Sponge
    8. Short
    9. He eats the ‘dates’ on the calendar, gets water from the waterbed, and uses the piano key to escape.

    So how many did you get through?
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