15 Epic Three Line Stories That Change Dramatically In The Last Sentence

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    In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on – Robert Frost

    It just takes one sentence to change a whole story, you can choose what you want the second sentence to be in your life. Read these stories (max three lines) and see why you should hear the whole story before you judge.

    When I called her, her phone was engaged.
    When I met her, she was engaged.

    She died. May her soul rest in peace.
    Why is that I’m not able to take rest in peace.

    Divorce judgment day!
    It was a success but still a failure.

    Deaf husband.
    Dumb wife.
    Secret of a successful marriage life.

    Source: EliteReaders.com
    Source: EliteReaders.com

    He and she in research lab.
    Their chemistry worked out.

    He married her because she was smart.
    She married him because his phone was smart.

    We lived together in Facebook.
    The day after marriage, her status said Married.
    My status was still single.

    Tears in her eyes.
    We got married. Now tears in my eyes.

    Stay hungry – Steve Jobs.
    Stay hungry – No job!

    Source: cauldrons and cupcakes
    Source: cauldrons and cupcakes

    First day of salary.
    ATM machine said “No money in ATM. Try later.”

    Doctor said – Stop smoking!
    He stopped going to the doctor.

    His hand was over her hand.
    Opposites attract – teacher was explaining magnetism.

    I got her an ice-cream.
    She melted.
    I got frozen.

    Source: i.ytimg.com
    Source: i.ytimg.com

    Apple fell down – pull of gravity.
    I fell down – full of insanity.

    Maths exam. Question was to prove a + b = c. I left it in choice.
    Life exam. Question was to prove I + U = V. But I didn’t have a choice.

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