8 Six Line Stories That Will Leave You In The Thinking Mode

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    1. The Flash Of Light

    There was a blinding flash of light.
    Instinctively, I put my hand to my face to shield my eyes.
    It was completely dark when I opened them, but I could hear laughter ahead of me.
    Cold, cruel, mocking laughter, coming out of the darkness.
    Then he stepped forward and showed me his phone.
    The picture of me he had just clicked was hilarious, to say the least – I had my eyes tightly shut and a befuddled expression on my face!

    Source: ky3.com
    Source: ky3.com

    2. The Woman Politician

    A woman politician was caught on camera stealing cosmetics.
    The drugstore’s security personnel called the police and she was arrested.
    The charges were dropped when she said she would sue for false arrest.
    The drugstore did not want negative publicity to incite her supporters.
    25 years later a girl in law school burst into tears in an Ethics and Law class.
    The controversial case studied was Media and her mother’s ruined career.


    3. Fisherman And The Biologist

    HeĀ  earned as an illiterate fisherman. She enjoyed being a marine biologist.
    Amid a heavy storm in the Atlantic, the two found something.
    Two Broken Hearts, A common Identity.
    Their conservation had made them to embrace each other,
    Next Dawn welcomed her alone.
    She had made her discovery.
    The most treacherous species- DEATH

    Source: en.wikipedia.org
    Source: en.wikipedia.org

    4. Own The World

    He was very confident, determined he will achieve it and said aloud:
    I will build an empire…
    I will own this world…
    I will make my own rules and make everybody follow them…

    Suddenly his dreams crashed…
    His brother’s football destroyed his lego…

    Source: www.growmelbourne.org
    Source: www.growmelbourne.org

    5. Ageing Parents

    His decision was correct.
    The friend circle nodded as he remarked this.
    She was talking on phone.
    It is children’s duty to look after ageing parents.
    They both had contrary views.
    They were discussing the career leap taken by the protagonist of their favorite TV serial, by going abroad.

    Source: www.afr.com
    Source: www.afr.com

    6. And They Thrashed Her Violently

    They thrashed her violently to the floor – how dare she go against!
    They called him up to take her away.
    He was worried but couldn’t turn up.
    She eloped and marries him.
    They disown her from being their daughter.

    Ten years later, they all are at dinner together – parents think by themselves, how lucky she is to have married him.

    Source: stanleybaya.wordpress.com
    Source: stanleybaya.wordpress.com

    7. “Hello”

    It all started with a cross connection
    I said “Hello mam”. She said” Hello sir.”
    Then we both trying to give dignity to ourselves said ” Yes.”
    Then we both told our product names and were extremely surprised.
    We, getting back to our senses had figured out each other.
    We both called out our names loud and laughed since the call center had a telephone line mix up.

    Source: casablancapa.blogspot.com
    Source: casablancapa.blogspot.com

    8. And I Feel Rich Today

    I wanted to feel being too rich.
    Took an auto rickshaw and went to bank with my gun.
    Went inside but it was closed so came back.
    Went to a nearby ATM and took Rs 10000 from the ATM using my card.
    Came home and gave it to my maid who needed money urgently for her mothers operation.
    I felt quite rich that day.

    Source: www.pinterest.com
    Source: www.pinterest.com

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