This Ad By Amul Is Unexpectedly Expected And It Won’t Make You Smile

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    Amul is one of the oldest brands in India, and has been a part of generations. It has seen many changes and revolutions in the country, but guess it itself is stuck behind in time. This ad by Amul unintentionally brings us back to what we all have been fighting since ages. The story is about a little girl who readies the house to welcome a new baby. Turns out it’s a baby boy, and her parents very conveniently remove all the dolls and teddies and bring superheroes into his cradle. And that saddens the little girl. Every moment you will feel like her dad might just give dolls to her little brother to make her happy. ‘It will happen NOW’, is what you will anticipate. But the ending is not cute. It ruins the whole video. You will be fuming, instead of smiling. Watch on. #BoyGirlDiscrimination