This Open Letter to The Common Man Has A Vital Message That Can’t Be Ignored

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    Dear common man,

    I hope to find you in pink of health, now that AAP has won. I don’t intend to enrage or insult anyone. There have been many open letters to great leaders and celebrities, who may/not even read them personally. This is something I would like to talk about, to people like you and me. People who have time to sit on the internet reading open letters.

    We all know, the recent elections in Delhi turned out to be historical in many ways. The massive election-savvy BJP was grandly defeated by a three-year old fractured AAP. The results were unprecedented and unexpected. Not even the AAP expected to win with such majority. AAP appealed to the ‘common man’ and Modi ‘the chaiwala‘ somehow could not reach out to the bottom levels of the  population.

    This is what one common man has to say on this change in scenario: (Excerpt from the magazine ‘Frontline’)

    ‘Harishankar Srivastava, who runs a small shop in South Delhi, said 10 months ago he rooted for Modi and the BJP but became an AAP supporter in the Delhi elections. His reasoning is simple. “During the Lok Sabha election campaign, Modi presented himself as a one-time chaiwala who understands the concerns and aspirations of the people. But once in power, Modi’s bearing changed. What we see is a leader who is fond of changing clothes at least five times a day and flying frequently across the globe only to hobnob with foreign leaders. This trend, which was visible right from the day he assumed power, rose to vulgar heights when he turned out in an expensive suit with his name embossed on it during the United States President’s visit. It was clear from all this that at heart Modi was no chaiwala and that his conern for the poor was not as sincere as was made out to be”, Srivastava said, adding that several BJP supporters shied away from the party for exactly these reasons.’

    So, now everyone is bringing up the drawbacks of BJP, and stating innumerous reasons for its defeat. I am not pro-BJP, nor a devotee of NaMo. But let’s just make it clear: Modi is NOT Bharatiya Janata Party. BJP is an organisation of its own, with its own agendas and policies and promises, that the public should know. Modi is the face of BJP, agreed. But now, he is the face of India also. He is ‘hobnob’ing with foreign leaders because that is an attempt to create a concrete image of India at the global front, to bring forward India in the international context. And when the whole world is watching you, a correct fashion sense makes sense.

    If you don’t know it already, the money that came from auctioning Modi’s famous suit during Obama’s visit to India, went into cleaning the Ganga (That is what we know, as of now. What really happens to the 4.31 crore rupees, we don’t know. I won’t ignore corruption, and I won’t ignore the fact that the Ganga is still dirty as before).

    Let me make it clear again, I am NOT praising BJP. I am only requesting you to behave like an aware citizen. The grandeur of the suit, or the auctioning price are things you can know from the gossips around you. Read papers, see the news to know what is happening in the foreign visits that Modi is flying to.

    Enough of BJP, let’s now see what you and me are supposed to do about AAP. Kejriwal has been amazing. Don’t you agree? Stepping so bravely into the dirty Indian politics, and emerging a winner, twice, is a brilliant achievement already. His methodology of trying to know the core problems of people right from the individual level is really REALLY good, if it works out well. We have got 2 leaders now, who are very different in their way of functioning: one looks at the development of the country as a whole, and the other focuses on solving problems from the grass-root level. So, instead of going on comparing them, supporting one and criticizing the other, we should accept both of them positively and equally.

    But, I have a question. Who ARE you, dear ‘common man’? Are you an auto-wala? A student? Some shop-keeper? Any middle-class person who goes to and returns from office daily monotonously? A poor tribal or villager? Whoever you are, please know that you have got certain rights and power. You are not a pawn to merely support political parties in their fight against each other. You hold power to voice your opinion, which does not include laughing at someone who voted for a losing party. The country is us, we make the country. Don’t go with the face value of everything. Let’s change our indifferent attitude towards things, and involve ourselves in running the country. For everyone’s benefit. For my benefit. For your benefit.


    With love and hope, 

    A common man